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Power ICs

AOS provides best-in-class power management solutions combining Power Discrete and IC technologies. The portfolio of products includes EZBuck™ Step-down DC/DC regulators, EZBoost™ Step-up DC/DC regulators, linear regulators, EZPower™ smart load switches, analog switches, power factor correction (PFC) devices, battery protection ICs, and ECPower™ Type C protection switches. AOS approach is to provide high power density solutions to reduce design complexity and development time.

Part Number Description Status Recommended
Integrated Schottky Package Min V (in) Max V (in) Max I (out) Min V (out) Max V (out) Operating Freq
AOZ1905DI 2.7V to 5.5V EZBoost Regulator Not For New Designs - No DFN3x3-10L 2.7 5.5 null Vin*1.2 24V -
AOZ1915DI 2.7V to 5.5V EZBoost REgulator Last Time Buy - Yes DFN4x3-12L 2.7 5.5 2A Vin*1.2 24V -
AOZ1977AI High Voltage LED Driver Controller Last Time Buy - No SO-16 8 - - - - -
AOZ1977AI-1 High Voltage LED Driver Controller Last Time Buy - No SO-16 8 - - - - -
AOZ1978AI Dual Channel LED Driver Controller Last Time Buy - No SO-20 8 - - - - -